Welcome To 10th INAECHO 2021

The Indonesian Echocardiography Meeting (INAecho), exists as one of Indonesian Society of Echocardiography (ISE) effort to provide updated educational echocardiography event in Indonesia. Since 2008 until now, this event is always committing to bring the latest scientific information related to echocardiography. Every year, participants from all over Indonesia, consists of cardiologist, internist, intensivist, general practitioner, cardiovascular technician, and many more, are expected to attend INAecho. This event also routinely invites foreign speakers to share their expertise and experience at the symposium. It is safe to say that INAecho is the biggest and only echocardiography annual meeting in Indonesia.

In 2021, as we celebrate the 10th year of INAecho, the organizing committee wants to bring all the participants back to basic. We all know that echocardiography has been one of the compulsory cardiology examination used in diagnosing cardiovascular diseases since a long time. And these days, we see that technology is actively impacting development of echocardiography tool. This technology is not only facilitate medical professionals in completing the examination but also improving quality in patient care. Yet, in the middle of this advancement, we should not forget the crucial role of basic examination. Therefore, while appreciating the latest technology, it is also crucial to revisit some of those basic echocardiography examinations.

To meet the needs of the participants, the organizing committee still has the principle of making INAecho better annually. The organizing committee presents not only symposium sessions but also many seminars and addresses subjects related to clinical practice daily. We hope that this entire event will provide the opportunity for participants, under the guidance of experts, to learn echocardiography techniques.

This year, because of the pandemic of COVID 19, the INAecho meeting will take place in Bali as a virtual conference. Of course, during the event, interesting subjects will also be discussed. The INAecho holding will be even more interesting this year because INAecho will collaborate with the ASEAN Society of Echocardiography this year (ASEANecho itself forms part of the ASEAN Federation of Cardiology ( a unified forum to recognize differences and the exchange of informa tion and experience to improve echocardiographic knowledge.